Thursday, October 4, 2012


Trevor got a new job and we're moving back to Utah!  We are thrilled beyond words!  Anytime someone comes to the house Savannah tells them, "My Daddy got a new job and we're moving to Utah!"  The excitement at our house is at an all time high!  This job has been in the works for a few months and I've tried really hard not to talk or think about it too much.  Now that it's really happening I'm bouncing off the walls and am so excited to be able to talk about it.  Here are some of the reasons I am so insanely excited...
1. This is Trevor's dream job!  Ever since he was in flight school he's talked about working for this company. His dream is becoming a reality!  I am so proud of him!
2.  My MOM!
3.  Being naughty with Beeka
4.  Tyton (my nephew I've never met)
5.  Leone (my niece I've never met)
6.  Play dates with cousins
7.  Maybe, possibly, hopefully purchasing our first home.
8.  Dr. Dries (Pediatric ophthalmologist that was finally able to diagnose Tessa's eyes)
9.  Dr. Zarbock (our favorite pediatrician)
10.  Sleep overs with Ashlie!
11.  Family dinners
12.  Playing games with my family
13.  My mom
14.  I get to see Andrew before he leaves for Copenhagen Denmark on his mission.
15.  Holiday party's with family
16.  Seeing extended family (most of the them haven't met the girls)
17.  Aston (Tessa's boyfriend)
18.  Lunch dates, play dates, shopping, anything with Kumari!
19.  BBQ's with the Marshall's
20.  Only one state away from Cel, aka Celestial my lover
21.  Cafe Rio
22.  Texas Roadhouse
23.  Sidewalks to run on
24.  Races on Saturday's
25.  My mom
26.  Trick or treating with family
27.  Snow
28.  Sledding
29.  Snowboarding
30.  Snow angels
31.  ANYTHING in the snow!
32.  Four seasons
33.  Cold weather
34.  Pinnacles Gymnastics
35.  Shopping
36.  Regular temple trips
37.  My mom 
38.  Girls nights with my mom and sisters
39.  Triathlons with my mom
40.  Cascade Lake
41.  Boating with family
42.  I so want to take my family to Gigi's ranch!
43.  Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
44.  THE MOUNTAINS!!!!  I fell in love with Trevor in the mountains; hiking, climbing, camping, exploring caves, camp fires, movies in the truck.  He is more of a manly mountain man than anyone I've ever met.  It's where he's the most confident, relaxed, happy and carefree.  I cannot wait for our girls to know that side of him!


Unknown said...

I love your list! You are so cute and I am so happy for you guys especially since you are so excited! You will be closer to California so I'm happy about that too :)


Heather Hutchinson said...

That is amazing news my cousin! Come and join the utah fun! Hopefully we get to see you much more often :) congrats!!

{amy k.} said...

how exciting for you guys!! i know how bad you've been wanting something like this! i'm super jealous, but mostly just so happy for you and your cute family!

Lizi Bates said...

I love how your mom is listed in there 20 times! SOOOOO excited for your little family :) Both you and Trevor have worked long and hard for this and I'm so glad it's finally becoming a reality, woot woot! It gives me hope for our little family to see others achieving their dreams in the same industry. So when does all this go down? How is your face healing? I loved your list. Eeek, so excited for you!! Maybe we'll actually get to see you some year since you'll be in UT, yay!

Beth Benson said...

Yay! I obviously must not know you that well haha but ...where in Utah??? :) congrats!