Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feliz Navidad

We leave for Utah today!  Woohoo!  I cannot wait to see our families!  And eat my mom's yummy food!

Tessa has an appointment at Primary Children's in Salt Lake on Wednesday with a pediatric retinal specialist.  Then when we get home she has an appointment with the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. I am SO excited to get her started in therapy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


We made a gingerbread house!  Well, Trevor and Savannah made the gingerbread house.  Trevor has the Taylor creative, crafty genes.  It was so fun watching them giggle, making the gingerbread house while singing at the top of our lungs (with the Gifford voices we were blessed with) to Christmas music.  This is what I always dreamed of when I imagined having my own family!  I love the Christmas season and I love my cute little family!!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Sunday's are our favorite!  We love hanging out in our jammies (or naked Savannah when making something that stains) and baking yummy treats!


We had so much fun cutting down our own Christmas tree!  Savannah and I were so excited!  I think she is going to be a crazy Christmas lover like her Mommy!  Everything is so much more fun with kids! We found a beautiful full tree!  We loved watching Daddy and Nate saw it down!  The Anderson's invited us to go to a Japanese restaurant with them afterwards.  Seafood and sushi are Trevor's favorites!  I can't think of anything that makes me want to vomit more than the thought of eating seafood.  Ha!  But since it's Trevor's favorite and we were invited we went.  We sat around a Habachi.  I think that's how you say it and what it's called.  I wish I had taken the camera in.  It was such a fun experience!  They even had delicious steak!  Maybe this will be our new family tradition, cut down our Christmas tree and eat Japanese afterwards!  


We went to the lighting of the city's Christmas tree.  Santa was there too!  Savannah was SO excited to see Santa but wasn't so sure about sitting on his lap.  Once he started asking her what toys she wanted, she warmed right up to him!  Then we went and got ice cream afterwards.  It was such a fun night!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had such a fun Thanksgiving!  Savannah was so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Cindy!  They enjoyed watching movies on the bed while the parents talked and sneaking ice cream!  Woohoo for good friends!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Savannah came into the kitchen this morning with my bra on, pulling the car seat with Doggy in it, and said, "Look!  I Mommy!". 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


We are LOVING Alabama!  We've made so many good friends so fast!  I love that they like to run too!  We all ran in the Turkey Trot today!  It was so fun!  I ran the 10k.  I was hoping so bad to place!  But I came in 4th.  BOO!!!!  It was a great race!  I kinda decided last minute to do the 10k instead of 5k.  Trevor really wanted to do it with me but he was pushing the girls in the stroller and wasn't sure how pushing 50+ pounds for 6.2 miles would go.  He wasn't too excited about running by himself and pushing the stroller but he was a good sport and ended up having a lot of fun running the 5k!  Yay for races!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Savannah has a new friend, Cindy.  She is seriously one of the cutest little girls ever!  They have so much fun together!  Their favorite thing to do is wear my heels.  They're so funny!  Cindy came over to play for a full day while her mom and dad volunteered at the National Peanut Festival.  I was super excited to have her all day to get a feel for what 3 kids would be like.  While we were getting ready to go to the festival, Trevor was putting the girls car seats in the car and I was in the house getting the diaper bag ready.  We didn't have our eyes on the girls for seriously no longer than 2 minutes and we lost them!  Savannah knows she gets in big trouble is she wanders off so we didn't think much of letting them play in the front yard while we were getting ready to go.  We ran all around the neighborhood looking for them and couldn't find them!  So scary!  When we finally found them, they had walked 2 blocks away and were playing with somebody's front door decorations.  Now I wonder, how do people have more than 2 kids without loosing them?  Ha! 

The peanut festival was so fun!  The girls loved the petting zoo and the rides.  There were some really cool animals too!  They even had a liger!  Savannah's favorite part was the horse show.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This is what we've been up to all week.  Passing colds around, and getting new colds from friends.  Some how Tessa has a crazy awesome immune system.  Trevor, Savannah and I have all been super sick, but Tessa is still totally healthy.  We'll cross our fingers she's just not the last to catch it!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Halloween is so much more fun when you have kids!  I wish I had more pictures!  We all dressed up for our ward trunk or treat.  Trevor decided to dress up last minute and was wearing anything random he could find.  It's all from South America.  Allison, my friend that I ran the 5k with, and I dressed up as runners.  We're cool like that.  Ha!  Savannah was a Seniorita and Tessa was a bat. It was really fun!  Savannah loved Halloween and trick or treating.  Trevor made sure she said 'gracias' after she got her candy.  It was so fun watching how excited she was!  She was so excited to knock on doors and have them drop something in her little plastic pumpkin.  She didn't really care to eat the candy.  It was so cute!  Now she walks around the house saying 'trick or treat' and then puts whatever she finds in her pumpkin, then says 'gracias' to herself.  I love my little seniorita!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have a new friend!  And she runs races too!!!  Woohoo!  I've never had a friends that runs races before!  I am so excited!  I've also never run a 5k before.  It was so fun!  I had no idea how fun short distances could be be!  I think Savannah is sick of sitting in the cold and watching mommy run though. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We had a blast at the farm!  Savannah is so cute with animals.  She has no fear.  She walked right up to the goats and pigs and kissed them.  She loved seeing all of the animals, the vegetables and pretty flowers!  We had so much fun watching her.  She was in heaven!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Savannah was running around the house with water bottles held up to her ears, pretending they were a headset, yelling "I fly helicopter!  I fly helicopter!" while making helicopter noises.  She's so funny!  I seriously could just sit and watch her all day and be entertained.  I love her imagination!

Tessa still hasn't quite figured out how to eat cereal but she loves it!  She smiles and giggles the whole time she's eating.  I love my cute little girlies!!!!