Wednesday, October 29, 2008


5 Tv Shows I like to watch:
1. The Biggest Loser
2. 90210
3. Everybody loves Raymond
4. Friends
5. The Hills

5 things that happened yesterday:
1. went to the doctor
2. talked to my mom like 10 times
3. took a nap
4. had a picnic on the dock with Trevor
5. did the laundry

5 favorite places to eat:
1. Ty and Kumari's
2. Cafe Rio
3. Chili's
4. Domino's
5. Arby's

5 things I am looking forward to:
1. seeing my family at Christmas
2. growing old and making awesome memories with Trevor
3. my sister in law's getting married
4. Trevor building more flight hours
5. Trevor being done with his online courses

5 things on my wish list:
1. have the time and money for Trevor to climb Denali with his friends in May
2. Living in Utah by our families for the rest of our lives
3. My family and Trevor's family living next door to each other
4. our brothers and sisters will come visit this year
5. having a healthy baby

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I'm scared of the ocean
2. I don't like fruits or vegetables
3. I love being cold and wish we could live in a place that snows all year
4. I'm already super homesick and it hasn't even been a month yet, my dang mom!!
5. Confrontation scares me to death

5 people I tag:
1. Kumari
2. Ashlie
3. Tricy
4. Celeste
5. Alicia

Monday, October 27, 2008


I finally figured out how to put pictures in a post! Woohoo! Sorry they're not the best pictures. We'll take better ones later. I didn't take very many of our house because it's not very decorated yet, but I promise when it is I'll post pictures. We found a really cute 3 bedroom condo right on the water. Trevor loves to go fishing out there on the dock and it's so relaxing to sit out there. It's the perfect temperature and has the perfect breeze. We're loving Florida! Trevor's job is awesome! He loves it! Everyday when he gets home from work he is so excited to tell me about his day and the crazy things he's done with his students! He's also building hours like crazy so we are so excited about that too! I'm still so amazed at how incredibly blessed we've been, especially in the last couple of months! We couldn't be happier!