Friday, July 20, 2012


Savannah's closet has all of my craft stuff in it; stickers, beads, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, fabric, any craft supply you can think of is stored in her closet.  She has a child safety thing on her door knob.  She was really quiet during nap time so I thought she had fallen asleep.  I must have not shut the door all the way.  Turns out she spent those 3 hours destroying everything she could get her hands on in the closet. The pictures don't quite do it justice. I need a vacation.


Yesterday Tessa's early intervention therapist, Miss Susie came.  When she got here she was asking me how Tessa's doing and I was kinda venting to her about Tessa's temper tantrums.  She was thrilled that Tessa's throwing temper tantrums because her milestones are right on track. It was cute to see Miss Susie's face light up when I told her about the tantrums.  Anyways, I was telling her how Tessa will get mad at me, look right at me, rip off her glasses (she usually smacks herself in the face while doing it because she gets kinda violent) and screams at the top of her lungs.  I think Miss Susie couldn't imagine Tessa doing that.  Tessa is always so sweet and quiet while she's here.  Tessa had therapy and did really well.  She of course was a perfect angel.  Right before Miss Susie was going to leave Savannah said she needed to go potty.  Miss Susie offered to watch Tessa until we were done in the bathroom.  When I came out of the bathroom she was laughing so hard.  Apparently Tessa was trying to climb over the back of the couch.  Miss Susie said "no no Tessa".  Tessa looked at her and scowled, then continued trying to climb over the couch.  Miss Susie stopped her again and said "no no Tessa."  Tessa looked right at her and scowled, ripped her glasses off, smacked Miss Susie in the face and screamed.  Have you seen Lilo and Stitch?  We have our own little Stitch.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Savannah and Tessa LOVE playing in the rain!  Anytime it rains they sit in front of the window watching it rain, begging me to go play in it.  Anywhere else I would be embarrassed about my girls playing in the rain naked and in their underwear.  But not in Bama!  We fit right in!


Princess Savannah Banana will do anything to make her Daddy proud.  Including going on a crazy high zipline!  She loved it and wanted to do it again!  It started raining right about dinner time so it gave us the perfect excuse to go out to dinner.  We went to Brasas Brasil.  The restaurant was dark with candles lit.  It was more romantic than I remembered.  I'm pretty sure any romance anyone was having left when Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) aka Tessa threw 2 glass plates and shattered them on the floor.  Then screamed at the top of her lungs.  Not cry or mad screams, she just wanted to communicate to everyone that she was there.  It was a super fun night!  I love my little family!


Trevor and my really good friend Julie Prince threw me a surprise birthday party!  Julie had so many fun things planned, her house was decorated so cute and she made her most delicious ice cream cake.  I wish we had more pictures but who wants to take pictures when they're partying?  I also wish I would've gotten a picture with everyone there but we didn't think to take a picture until later so there are some people missing.  It was so much fun!  I had a very happy birthday!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Trevor got me a treadmill for my birthday.  Savannah loves when I run on it and sometimes begs me to run.  She spends a lot of her day playing on it and pretending she's running.  She was pretending to run on it the other night and we decided to turn it on for her and put my music on for her.  She loved it!  It was so cute!!  Anytime we're outside she shows me how fast she is.  I love that she thinks she's a runner and I cannnot wait until she's old enough to take her on runs with me!