Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tessa's therapist, Miss Susie came yesterday.  As you can see, Tessa isn't sure if she likes it.  But it's so good for her!  It's always reassuring to talk to her too.  She has so much hope for Tessa and reminds me of all the resources that are out there to help Tessa.  I've read, in pictures you can usually see the Albinism in their eyes easier.  In the first picture, you can see Tessa's eyes are really light.  I don't know if that's just from the flash or if that's the Albinism.  You can also tell she's worn out because her eyes aren't looking in the same direction.  She has an appointment with her pediatrician next week to follow up on her MRI findings.  The thought of that appointment makes me want to throw up and cry.  Hopefully we will get news, whether it's good or bad.  It's so hard not knowing.  We sure love our Tessa!

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Allison said...

She's a sweetie! And remember you're strong--you can do this! The Lord loves you guys and will be by your side through all of it!