Thursday, August 23, 2012


Stitch had an appointment with her ophthalmologist yesterday.  For the first 9 months of her life she went to the ophthalmologist at least once a month.  She hasn't been for a whole 6 months.  I was really excited to get a picture of her sitting in the exam chair since she's big enough now to sit there by herself.  The office is really big.  It has 2 waiting rooms, the general waiting room and then the pediatric waiting room.  She did really good in the general waiting room but as soon as they started walking us back to the pediatric waiting room she went crazy and wouldn't let go of her death grip on my arm.  It broke my heart that she remembered and was so terrified.  Last time it took me, the doctor and 2 nurses to pin her down to dilate her eyes and to do her exam.  :(  Luckily this time they didn't dilate her eyes so it was more of a pleasant experience, although she still hated every second of it.  I've been so frustrated because she will not leave her glasses on.  Her doctor said she has learned to focus the best she can with her glasses off so when we put her glasses back on her it's like she's wearing two pairs of glasses.  She said Tessa's eyesight is bad enough that she should be "guarding her glasses with her life," so she gave us a prescription for eye drops that will make Tessa's eyes super blurry, to the point she can't see a thing with her glasses off so hopefully we'll get her out of the habit of taking them off.  She usually takes them off when she gets mad at someone.  She usually rips them off, it's her way of being defiant or rebelling, and then screams at the top of her lungs, so this may be a tough habit to break.  May the force be with me.  I wasn't able to get a picture of Tessa but I did get a pretty picture of Princess Savannah sleeping on the way home.  Ha ha!


abby tensmeyer said...

Cute little stinker Tessa!! I love checking up on your blog, your pictures make my day!

Aston said...

LOL hilarious of Sav!!! Oh I hope she starts to keep them on. She is just typical girl sassy and she will do what she wants her way! ;)